The Vision Creation Vault ™

With Sophia Bailey-Larsen

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Welcome Lady! Congrats on taking action and welcome to your mastermind 😀

This programme was especially created for you if :

  • you are working mostly by yourself and need support
  • you need the next steps to success instead of figuring it all out alone
  • you believe in the philosophy of achievement but not sure how to put it into practice
  • you are committed to a lifelong investment in mental mastery

About Sophia Bailey-Larsen

I´m a Vision Creation Mentor and Inspirational Trainer from the UK

Over the past decade I´ve trained thousands of women worldwide on what it takes to turn an idea into streams of income. I decided to teach The Wealth Creation Equation to Success Conscious women so they can inspire generations with their success journey and I must say, it brings me so much joy to see these amazing women stepping past their situation into the lifestyles they want. 
Along the way, I have become the first British Certified Leadership Consultant for the Napoleon Hill Foundation, an award winning author of the book Journeys to Success which was fore-worded by Bob Proctor and most recently included in the Black Enterprise Moguls list of the 50 most influential Black Entrepreneurs in the UK.

I have just begun my life´s mission to help 5,000 families, transform their lives though The Vision Creation Vault, an online mentoring group teaching Mental Mastery for women. My biggest piece of advice is that everything great in life begins with knowing what you desire.

Starting as a teenage Mum on a council estate, personal development transformed my life by helping me see what´s possible when you master your mind and focus on your vision. I currently live in Spain with my hubby and our son. We both love being digital entrepreneurs and meeting new people online. You´ll usually find me hanging out at The Mental Mastery and Manifestation Lounge, where the door is open for like minds. I hope to welcome you in some day soon.
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